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Sale of goods act however provides protections for Bill in four main sections. Section 12 points out that the seller be required to have the right to trade the goods. Section 13 points out that the goods sold by description should keep up a correspondence to the description.

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In section 14 it is noted that goods must be of satisfactory quality. Section 15, goods that are sold by sample must correspond to its sample in quality. From above sections, the section 14 is further limited in its scope. Somehow it applies only where goods sold in the course of businesses.

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According to section 14, when the seller Agro Ltd sells goods in the course of a business then present an implied term which points out that the goods supplied are of satisfactory quality. If Agro Ltd was not selling in the course of business and was only a private seller then they fall under section 13 and not within section Agro Ltd sells Apple Grofertiliser to bill. According to section 13 1 , it describes that wherever there is an agreement for sale of goods by its description there is an implied term which the goods correspond with the description.

Sale by description means that a sale where the buyer that means according to the question bill green has not seen the goods and is relying on the description. But actually did bill not see the goods? He did look at several types of fertilizer. He studied the chemical composition of each fertilizer, given in the leaflets.

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Consumer Rights Act – changes to unfair contract terms

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