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Our middle school writing program uses challenging assignments and meaningful feedback to prepare students for high school level writing.

Writing 8 A and B courses are specifically designed for 8th-grade students who are ready to learn and practice new skills, develop their individual writing style, and gain new perspective about why writing matters. Students carefully explore each step of the writing process inquiry, outlining, drafting, and revision and reflect on the value of strategic writing. They also practice creative writing and have the opportunity to craft poems and short stories.

How to write a good essay: Paraphrasing the question

In Writing 8 A , students lay the foundation for the advanced essay writing that will be required in high school and college: well-constructed paragraphs. The course includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, sentence structure, and developing individual writing styles. Writing 8 B helps students focus their thoughts, clarify and develop their ideas, and choose patterns of communication that others can easily understand.

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Writing therefore builds their confidence and increases their likelihood of success in high school, college, and life. Students learn to focus, clarify, and develop their ideas in the format of three and five-paragraph essays.

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Your summer composition course will be led by a Johns Hopkins writing instructor, with experience helping young writers produce their best work. In a warm and supportive environment, you will produce a first-draft of your personal statement, suitable for any college or university in your sights. Write your college application personal statement this summer, under the guidance of a Johns Hopkins University writing instructor.

This non-credit course meets June 24 — 28, Summer Programs Home. JHU Summer Programs.