Group community service project ideas

Community service for preteens and teens is becoming a requirement at many middle schools. PTOs and PTAs often want to take action after a hurricane or other major event affects schools in other parts of the country. As your PTO gets ready for a new school year, keep service projects up front as a way to help kids consider the world beyond themselves. Meaningful, PTO-tested service projects that will help teach kids the value of giving back.

When it comes to helping students learn the value of community service, parent groups have plenty of meaningful ideas. Instructions for eight different service projects no-sew blankets, snack packs, tote bags, and more that can be completed by students during classroom parties. An editable flyer to encourage school families to participate in a drive for canned goods that can be donated.

Ideas, flyers, and more for school parent groups planning a canned food drive or other community service activity. Is your group planning a school community service project? Here are some key things to keep in mind. The winner of the Outstanding Community Service Project launched a food pantry initiative to ensure that no one would go hungry—including giving needy students food-filled backpacks to take home on the weekends.

One school's 5th grade curriculum uses community service activities related to cats, dogs, and zoo animals to teach kids science. By collecting and repairing bicycles for low-income families, PTO Today's Parent Group of the Year for Outstanding Community Service Project turned a simple annual event into a community-building exercise. Along with your free guide, you will also be registered for our weekly newsletter.

By downloading this free guide, you accept that your email address will be shared with our program sponsor. Community Service Ideas. Read More. Community Service Ideas for Middle School Students Community service for preteens and teens is becoming a requirement at many middle schools.


General Ideas: Set up a Help-O-Meter to keep track of the number of hours youth volunteer in the community. Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead community organizations. Work in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause. Make a gift for the secretary of a non-profit organization you are associated with. Take photos during an event and donate them to the event organizers.

Volunteer to be a museum guide.

General Community Service Ideas

Plan an Ethnic Awareness day. Design a campaign to promote tolerance and understanding of differences. Volunteer at a health fair. Volunteer as a counselor at local summer camp. Volunteer to do office work at a local non-profit agency. Set up a web page for a non-profit agency.


Volunteer to lead a club of youth. Share a talent through teaching a class. Make birthday cards for the elderly. Run or walk in a charity race with friends. Stage a carnival to promote community spirit. Ask your mayor to sign a proclamation for an important community event. Ask your governor to sign a proclamation for a national event. Practice random acts of kindness. Stage a marathon to raise money for a cause. Organize an exchange between rural and urban individuals to promote understanding.

Volunteer to help at charity auctions. Volunteer your talents at a charity auction. Plan a Memorial Day program. Recognize veterans in your community. On Thanksgiving, make sure your family knows what you are thankful for. Trim a mitten Christmas tree to donate mittens to local schools and homeless shelters.

Organize a coat drive in which old coats are donated for use by needy people. Contact a local tree farm about donating a Christmas tree to a nursing home, homeless shelter or needy family. Decorate a Christmas tree at a nursing home, hospital, school or homeless shelter. Ring the bell for Salvation Army during the holidays. Deliver a May Day basket. Offer safety tips for youngsters during Halloween. Conduct an Easter Egg Hunt for needy children.


On St. Patrick's Day, don't only wear something green, care for something green! Volunteer to return shopping carts during National Supermarkets Month in February.

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Make Spring baskets for seniors' residential facility, neighbors or homeless shelters. On International Picnic Day in May, take your family or friends on a picnic. You supply the food and let Mother Nature supply the ants! Make a Halloween Safety Kit for youth. Give your Mom a hug and a homemade card for Mother's Day. On Johnny Appleseed Day in March, deliver apples to homeless shelters. July is Anti-Boredom Month. Help your friends fight boredom by becoming active community volunteers. Mow the lawn for your Dad on Father's Day.

Design a game for young children. Explore history by interviewing a nursing home resident about how they grew up. Check on either a younger student or an elderly person after school. Read a book to a younger kid a blind person or an older neighbor. Cheer up a sick friend with a visit or phone call. Celebrate a birthday by asking friends to donate items for causes instead of gifts. Make get well cards for people in hospitals and convalescent homes. Become pen pals to a younger person or someone from another country.

Knit or crochet baby blankets. Conduct a clothing repair or sewing workshop for needy people. Assemble a new parent's kit for the arrival of a newborn. Collect old magazines and donate them to day care centers. Quilt a blanket for newborn babies. Plant a tree or present a tree to the parents for each baby born in your community. Collect unused make-up, perfume and other cosmetics for a center for abused women. Make a cancer or aids quilt or mural to remember people of who have died from these diseases and remind others of their life.

Write a kids' book author and ask them to donate signed copies, auction the books off and donate the money to local library.

Donate old eyeglasses to an organization or place that recycles them for the needy. Collect old stuffed animals and dolls, clean them up, repair them and donate them. Organize a babysitting service for foster families. Collect old clothes and donate them for a dress-up area at a daycare. Safety: Take a life saving class. Create a play that teaches young children how to stay safe at home. Design a flier of after-school safety tips and deliver it to daycare centers and grade schools.

Check railroad crossings and make signs to promote safety. Offer a safety workshop prior to July 4th. Ask your parents to help you get your town to fix dangerous intersections.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Conduct a bicycle rodeo to help children learn bicycle safety. Create an poison awareness campaign. Ask your fire department how you can help others learn about fire safety. Get permission to fix up your town's fire hydrants. Make emergency kits for your home.